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Weekly Live Virtual Wine Class Series; Thursdays at 7pm EST

December 3: New & Unique Wines for your Holiday Table

December 10: Making Sense of Pairing Wine with Cheese & Charcuterie

Personal Consulting

As a professional in the food & wine industry for over 30 years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to learn and experience so much from many diverse roles through many varied economic climates. Having this vast experience and knowledge has allowed me to share insight and experiences with wine and food enthusiasts. Through my personal consultation services, I can help enhance your confidence and overall experience. I am proud to be able to offer consultations on the following, among many other topics.

        We used George’s consulting services to plan food and wine travel itineraries for us.  Both times, we were going into regions that we were not familiar with.  We were absolutely delighted with what he put together for us…both the wineries and restaurants were outstanding!  We could have spent hours combing through articles and reviews on the internet and still wouldn’t have even come close to the quality of what he designed for us.  Some things are just better left to the professionals!  Frankly, even in the future if we have been to a region before, we still will not “go it alone” without George!

 ~Cammie K. from NJ

Programs include:

Learn Like a Sommelier

Do you want to increase your wine overall knowledge and confidence? Would you like to understand what makes wines from different regions around the world so unique and which produce the styles of wine you enjoy most? Do you want to be able to pair wine and food with confidence? Here is the opportunity to learn one on one with me and elevate your wine appreciation to a new level. In addition, we will:

  • Learn how to evaluate wine like a Sommelier
  • Identify the best wine values
  • Assess what wines are suitable to collect
  • Learn the main principles in pairing wine and food
  • Learn how to get the most out of your wine buying budget
  • Learn the key facts about known and emerging wine regions
  • Identify what wines enhance over time

In my Learn Like a Sommelier program, we will design a one on one program meeting once a month to help you reach your desired goal of greater wine appreciation in our one hour sessions. We will develop a wine education curriculum geared towards your intended outcome and focus.

Email us to connect and design your personal program

Entertainment Guide

Whether virtual or in-person, small family gathering or large event, I will alleviate any guesswork and provide a plan for wine or cocktail selections for your event! Whether your evening is themed, or you would like to have an array of selections that will appeal to many, we will work together to make a unique and exciting beverage selection for your event that fits your vision and budget. I also offer interactive virtual and in-home wine tastings for corporate or personal events.

Email us to connect and begin planning!

Food & Wine Travel Itinerary Planning

Having traveled through most of our country and amazing cities coast to coast, experiencing many wonderful restaurants, hotels and wineries, I can arrange a food and wine travel itinerary to make the most out of your next trip and help to make it a truly memorable one! I will direct you to dynamic restaurants, wine shops, wineries, and hotels in the area you wish to explore, geared to your preferences. The goal is to provide you with the most unique options, ones that will bring you the greatest experience based on your interests.

Email us to connect and begin planning your next memorable trip!

Personal Curated Wine Selections

Are you a wine lover who is adventurous? Do you find yourself drinking a lot of the same wines? Do you want to learn more about wines from around the world and just are not sure what you will like? This service is designed for you! Based on your interests and budget, I will curate a 6, 8 or 12 bottle selection that will overdeliver on value and expand your wine appreciation experience.

Email us with your specific wine preferences and budget and I will create your Curated Wine Selections for you to enjoy!

The Educated Grape 203 Main Street, #259 Flemington, NJ 08822